Airmeet Session Host Checkoff List

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Please remember that you are the face of the Convention to our Pros. Please provide them with a pleasant, professional experience. Once the panel has begun, please stay Hidden and avoid interacting with the Panelists.

Host login

You will need to go to Discord #Stage Management discussion to receive your Hosting login for your sessions 30 minutes before your shift is scheduled to start. Once you receive your login, you will need to log out of Airmeet as an attendee and login using the Host credentials. Go to your Stage 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin and prepare to greet your panelists. After your shift, return to Discord and turn in your login so that the next Host can use them for their shift.


Welcome to the BackStage area of your panel. I’m ________ and I will be your Session Host. I will operate the technical end of the panel and answer any questions you may have. Here in the BackStage area, we can have private conversations and work out any problems before I start your panel session.

Tech check

Let’s make sure your setup is optimized for the best experience for our attendees. (Check their video and sound setups).


______ will be your Panel Moderator, I will be watching but not visible in this session. I will monitor the session to make sure that any problems are handled quickly. If your Moderator does not show up, I will contact Stage Management via Discord and they will designate another one. If a Panelist does not show up, I will let the Program Staff know on Discord and we will be directed how to proceed.


Discuss with the Moderator about Co-Host duties and determine their level of comfort with performing them during the panel. If they need assistance during the panel, support them so that they have confidence the panel will be successful Make the Moderator a Co-Host so that they can operate the Microphone and Comment deletion functions if desired.
Remind moderator that you will start the session...don’t click the START button.


When everyone is ready, hide yourself then start the session.


Monitor the session, especially the Session Feed for inappropriate comments, delete as necessary.


At 5 minutes to the end of the session, notify the panel of impending end time by putting a comment in the Session Feed.

HEADS UP, this session will end in FIVE MINUTES.

At the designated time, end the session.

Stand by.

Take a break, then stand by Backstage for the next panelists to arrive.


We will have both Stage Management staff and Tech staff online in the Discord chatroom should you need further guidance. For technical Airmeet help go to the #staff-help channel and type @airmeet as part of your request. For stage management help #stage-management channel and type @sm-help as part of your request. Make sure in advance that you are registered and able to log in to Discord.

In case of Emergency, Bernie and Scot's phone numbers are available in your reminder emails and on Discord.