Bulk Registration Process

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Step 1 - CM

Export .csv

Screenshot 01
  • Log into CM
  • Go to CSV Export under 'Filtering' in the left navigation bar
  • Select filter (Jeri Lynn Cornish) All active registered members
  • Click Load Filter

Verify that the following is checked:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Fan Name
  • Membership info for (NWC43E2)
  • Membership Code
  • reg number
  • Badge Display Code
  • The first email address on file - IGNORING Spam Setting


  • Click Export
  • Save to your local drive

convert data

  • Open the file you just exported
  • Copy all rows (except for headers)from that file into Airmeet Data Trx.xlsx
  • Copy Columns J, K & L form Airmeet Data Trx.xlsx' into Columns A, B, C in sample_attendee_list.csv
  • Copy City, Country, & origination to all lines
  • SAVE
  • Upload to airmeet