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TIP #1: Have you joined the server late?

Daunted by scrolling all the way back up to the top of that busy channel to figure out what the channel is supposed to be for? OR, do you have a sneaking suspicion that a link to something important has already been provided?
CHECK OUT THE PINNED MESSAGES! That's right! Important messages can be pinned to the channel so they don't get lost. To see if a channel has pins, look up to your right and then click on the push-pin icon. That will then pull up a list of all the pinned messages in the channel. If you need more room to see the message, click on it, and Discord will take you to where the message is in the channel.

TIP #2: Want to get someone's attention in a channel?

Need to try and get a group of people's attention? You can do that!
To specifically tag an individual, type the @ symbol followed by the first letter of their name. Discord will then start showing you options to choose from. Click on the person you want, and their name will show up after the @ symbol. Like this. @Kathy - Business Exec
Need to grab an admin or reg or security---just type the @ symbol followed by Admin, Reg, or Security as appropriate. It will behave the same as with an individual.

TIP #3 Want to change your nickname on the server?

You can do that! (We ask that everyone try to keep things related to how we know you on ConCom.)
If you click on the down carrot up by the server name (NWC 43-Staff) at the top of the channel menu, it will bring up a sub menu of actions. One of those is "change nickname". Use your new power responsibly.

TIP #4: Don't really feel like typing up an entire comment to respond to something but also want to acknowledge its existence?

You can do that by adding a reaction to the post.

To add a reaction to someone's post:

  1. On mobile, press down on the text and hold. On desktop, hover over the text and click on the smile/add reaction.
  2. Click on Add Reaction
  3. In search bar, type what you want to see if we have it. For example, typing heart will pull up all our heart emojis. Or, you can scroll through the emojis to find the perfect one.
  4. Click on the emjoi you want. Lo! It shall appear. Test it out here on this post!

Bonus: someone else has already put an emjoi reaction on the post! Huzzah! You don't have to find one. Just click on the emjoi, and your reaction will be added.

TIP #5: Hey, I want a shiny looking picture! How do I get rid of this neon game controller?

I swear, I'm not a game controller! (Sure, we believe you. For now.)

To add a user pic on mobile:

  1. Click on the 3 bars
  2. Click on the gear icon down at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Picture adding and removing capability will then be there.

To add a user pic on desktop

  1. Look at the botoom of the channel list.
  2. Click on the gear. This is your user settings.
  3. Huzzah! You've found your "my account" area. Your avatar circle will be at the top. Add a picture here.

Please keep all user pictures within the bounds of our Code of Conduct

TIP #6 Trying to avoid the dreaded wall of text but also have a lot to say?

Keep hitting enter only to post too soon? The struggle is real, my friends. To put a space between your paragraphs, shift + enter will do that for you. Cannot find what you are looking for? Try checking out