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Q. My household is sharing one computer, webcam, and IP address, to attend Norwescon 43. Do we register as one person or two?

A. In order for each person to appear with their name and information you do need to have a registration for each of them so that they have their own Airmeet account/login. However you will only be able to attend one event/panel at a time as simultaneous account logins are not possible. If one person in your household registers, you are welcome to attend events together. If both of you register only one of you will be able to be logged in and attending something at a time. IP address is not a criteria, if you have multiple computers, please register each person and attend from individual devices.

Q. How many events/panels are running at the same time during Norwescon43e?

A. We'll have 10 stages running at once most of the time so you'll have to decide where you want to be.

Q. Is closed captioning available for Norwescon 43?

A. Yes, the Airmeet platform has built-in support for closed captioning in sessions. For usage directions and additional information about using a third-party option to inject captions into your feed go to our Closed Captioning page.