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== Norwescon's Knowledge Base ==
== Norwescon's Knowledge Base ==
=== FAQ ===
=== FAQ ===
<big>Please check out our '''[[Norwescon 43 FAQ|FAQ]]''' page for answers to most questions</big>
<big>Please check out our '''[[FAQ (NWC43)|FAQ]]''' page for answers to most questions</big>
=== Attendee Topics ===
=== Attendee Topics ===
* [[Closed Captioning in Airmeet]]
* [[Closed Captioning in Airmeet]]

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Airmeet's Knowledge Base

The platform we are using to host Norwescon 43 is called Airmeet. Most answers can be found at Airmeet's wonderful knowledge base. You can find it at https://help.airmeet.com/hc.

Norwescon's Knowledge Base


Please check out our FAQ page for answers to most questions

Attendee Topics

Panelist Topics

Club/Vendor/Artist Topics

Staff/Volunteer Topics

Still need help or cannot find what you are looking for?

If you still need help you can contact Norwescon's Help Desk staff at

Real Time Chat (fastest response during convention hours)
Phone: (253) 235-9296 (voicemail/text only)
Email: helpdesk@norwescon.org (best for questions before the convention)