Help Desk Workflows (NWC43)

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Start of your shift

Check List

  • in Chrome open the following tabs: and inbox
  • Log into Discord and ensure that your notifications for the staff server are set to '@mentions' and audible alerts are turned on
  • Verify that the channels #helpdesk, #webpage-help, #staff-help are unmuted
  • Join/activate the helpdesk voice channel
  • Log into Airmeet and go to the Arena and join the Help Desk Table

Request Workflows

  1. Prioritize the incoming request (see below)
  2. Whenever possible, first try to send the person a link to the related webpage/wiki/knowledge base/FAQ that has their answer. IF they say that they are looking at the page/FAQ and are still lost, please offer to walk them through it.
  3. Check our Norwescon 43 Help Wiki Page and FAQ for instructions, if applicable/relevant
  4. Check Airmeet's Knowledge Base, if applicable/relevant
  5. IF after a reasonble atempt you are not able to address their issue please escalate their request (see section below regarding escalating.

Income requests

After completing next request please use the filters below to choose the next request/person to help. Priority order for incoming requests:


  1. #staff-help Discord channel
  2. #webpage-help Discord Channel

NOTE: please finish the one you are working on before moving on the next. Please also do not stress over the number that may or may not be in the cue. The overall goal is customer service first, helping get sessions started and then everything else.

Type =

  1. Questions form Hosts that are holding up a session/panel/event
  2. Questions from Hosts that are holding up a backstage/pre-session
  3. Questions from Leadership (Executive, Stage Management Lead/2nd, our Productions Team Lead/2nd, other Help Desk Staff)
  4. Questions about registration and/or accessing air meet.
  5. Questions about other items

NOTE: When choosing within the same listed item above (in either the source and/or type) that are the same level/tier, please use time received to break ties

Shared Inbox (



Text Messages




Processing requests

How to eculate a ticket