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Welcome to the Norwescon Documentation Wiki!

This space is a repository for documenting the internal processes and procedures for the various departments within the Norwescon Convention Committee (ConCom). These are in addition to those available on the Policies and Guidelines page of the main Norwescon website.

Though this is a publicly viewable wiki, editing privileges are restricted to ConCom members. If you are a current ConCom member and would like to contribute to this wiki, please email to request access. Due to its public nature, no confidential or privileged information should be recorded here.

Norwescon 43 Help & FAQ

As Norwescon 43 (2021) is an all virtual convention, many of our processes and systems have been adjusted for both staff and the attending membership to account for the shift. Norwescon 43 specific help pages are available from the Norwescon 43 Help landing page.

Or, go directly to the Norwescon_43_FAQ.


Norwescon is an all-volunteer organization. The overall structure is as follows:

  1. The Executive Team: An eleven-member board leading the ConCom.
  2. The Convention Committee (ConCom): Around 250 volunteers who put in time throughout the year and at the convention to plan, organize, set up, run, and break down the convention each year.
  3. Volunteers: Members who volunteer at the convention itself to assist over the course of the convention weekend.
  4. Members: Everyone who has paid for or been awarded a membership, regardless of whether they volunteer for or attend the convention.

Executive Team

For more information on each position and the departments each Exec oversees, click on through to the appropriate pages. (As this wiki was started in late October 2019, most pages are still under development. Content will be added as we have time.)

Bylaws and Policies and Procedures

The Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures are the primary rules and guidelines for Norwescon. No documentation on this wiki should be seen to supersede that contained in these documents.

Google Drive and G Suite

Norwescon primarily uses G Suite for communication and collaboration purposes. All Staff are able to join the NWC ConCom G Drive. To be invited to the drive, please email either or with the email you would like to be subscribed to the Drive. You may use a non-Norwescon G suite account/email to access this drive. However, it must be an email that is at least associated with a Google account. You can find out more about how to do that [1] here.

Norwescon Staff are also eligible to receive Norwescon G Suite user accounts. This account includes a Norwescon email and access to the Norwescon G Suite including Team Drives for various departments. To facilitate knowledge transfer between years, we highly encourage all Staff to use the Norwescon G Suite. Experience with other conventions shows that if you unexpectedly need to step back, having all the records in the convention account makes handing things off much easier. You'll also be creating a living document of the experience for the future. Since we use the Google Non-Profits version of G Suite, Google is not tracking your every move.