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Norwescon 44 Office Hours

Wednesday 14:00-16:00
Thursday 09:00-13:00 14:00-16:00
Friday 09:00-13:00 14:00-16:00
Saturday 09:00-13:00 14:00-16:00
Sunday 09:00-13:00

Office Responsibilities

Hotel Keys

Our office team is delegated the management of Hotel Keys for function space at the hotel.

Checking in/out

A Concom Member check out a key if they meet one of the following criteria.

  1. Has key assigned on the 'Key List - Master' google sheet1, OR
  2. Have either written2 and/or vocal3 permission for the Executive Director responsible for the space.
1To open this file you must be a member of our office team with login. 
2Vocal permission my be given via radio, phone or in-person
3Written permission my be in the form of signed note, email and/or Discord Message in the #office chennel

Rooms Keys Managed by the office

Room Room Use Department Dept.
Cascade 1 Green Room/ Pro Check-in Programming
Cascade 2 & 3 Programming Programming
Cascade 4 POC Safe Space Programming
Cascade 5, 6, 7 & 8 Programming Programming
Cascade 9 & 10 Programming Programming
Cascade 11, 12 & 13 Programming Programming
Evergreen 1, 2, 3, & 4 Special Events/Programming Programming
Grand Ballroom 2 Special Events/Programming Convention Services
Northwest Ballroom 1 Con Suite Personnel
Northwest Ballroom 2 & 3 Special Events/Programming Convention Services
Olympic 1, 2 & 3 Programming Programming
7106/7108/7110 Office/Safety/Radio Convention Services
7106 Office Convention Services
7110 Radio Office Convention Services
7115 Grand 4/Logistics Convention Services
Grand Cloakroom Event Services Convention Services
Northwest Cloakroom Storage Convention Services
Exterior Doors Safety Ghost Key Convention Services
Grand Ballroom 1 Art Show Member Services
Grand Ballroom 3 Dealers Room Member Services

Radio Check in/out

Staff Parking Passes

High Value Lost and Found

Check Requests

Party Registration

Copy/Print for ConCom

Keeper of Basic First Aid Kit

Sanitary products for all-gender rest rooms

Answering Phone Calls