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Meeting Documentation



Sheets

Each meeting has a physical sign-in sheet to track attending volunteers. The sign-in sheet collects the volunteer's name, whether or not they are new to the ConCom, and (optionally, for new volunteers or updated addresses) email address.

Following the meeting, the sign-in sheet is scanned and archived in the Secretary's files. Archiving is for potential future reference if there is a need to track volunteer hours through ConCom meeting attendance (some grants may require this information).

norwescon-concom Google Group Updates

New volunteers are added to the norwescon-concom Google Group mailing list.

  1. Click on "Manage Members".
  2. Click on "Direct Add Members".
  3. Enter a comma separated list of all email addresses to add.
  4. Enter the welcome message.
  5. Set subscription options to "All Email".
  6. Click "Add".

Onions and Roses


Policies and Procedures Manual