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Safety Radio Operator

examples and notes (also known as Dispatcher, Main, Radio and/or Seat1)

Your equipment

NOTE: This has not been updated for NWC 44 Security Main Radio Security Tac Radio 2/3 (this radio will scan between two Tac channels) Security Tac Radio 1 (this radio will be on the primary Tac channel) ConComm Radio (usually this radio will be turned on with the volume all the way down) Hotel Radio (this is a radio used to communicate with the hotel) Telephone Computer with Two monitors

Behind you

  • A printer shared between all stations.
  • A portable radio with all channels on it. (There is another one behind Seat2 and may be one at the 3rd station)

If you need to evacuate the room, all portables need to go with you.

Regarding the InterOp 1 Radio

The reason this radio has its volume all the way down is that there is another radio on the other desk with the volume up. If you are the only dispatcher in the room, you'll be able to tell that there is a call for you from ConComm by the fact that the word Dispatch is being spoken from across the room. You can answer that call from the radio in front of you (yes, you will hear yourself so don't let that distract you).