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examples and notes (also known as Dispatcher, Main, Radio and/or Seat1)

Your equipment =

  • Ops 1 Radio
  • Ops 2 Radio
  • Ops 3 Radio
  • Hotel Radio
  • InterOp 1-3 Radio (set to scan and only used IF there is no 2nd Operator in the room)
  • Telephone
  • Computer with three monitors

Behind you

  • A printer shared between all stations.
  • A portable radio with all channels on it. (There is another one behind Seat2 and may be one at the 3rd station)

If you need to evacuate the room, all portables need to go with you.

Regarding the InterOp 1 Radio

The reason this radio has its volume all the way down is that there is another radio on the other desk with the volume up. If you are the only dispatcher in the room, you'll be able to tell that there is a call for you from ConComm by the fact that the word Dispatch is being spoken from across the room. You can answer that call from the radio in front of you (yes, you will hear yourself so don't let that distract you).

At the end of your shift

  • Pass on tie-ins to outgoing Operator (both of you must sign off on the information transfer)
  • Log off via the radio on Ops 1 (see below)
  • Log off the CAD
  • At the beginning of your shift
  • Receive any tie-ins from outgoing Dispatcher. (both of you must sign off on the information transfer)
  • Verify all equipment is operational (all 5 radios, the telephone, the hotel radio, the computer)

NOTE: "Hotel Operator from Norwescon Dispatch." once they answer, "New dispatcher on duty testing this radio." <-- can be used if you don't hear anything on the radio or the outgoing dispatcher doesn't verify that it has been working recently.

Log on the CAD

(If the security radio channel is not restricted due to some emergency (known as "the air is closed")

  • The outgoing dispatcher should then announce on Security Main, "All units stand by for dispatch change."
  • You should then take the seat, log into the CAD, and announce on Security Main, "The time is xxxx (in 24 hour clock), Day, Date, Operator yy." (yy = your callsign)

Hotel communications

The hotel will call you on their radio channel and refer to you as "Norwescon" or "Norwescon security" or "Norwescon dispatch" Calls on their channel for security are for Hotel security and not us. Most Hotel communications should be treated as Priority calls.

Status Checks (aka Safety Check)

NOTE: This has not been updated for NWC 44

The CAD software will prompt you do safety check on units that you have assigned to a call. This is set to give you this reminder every 10 minutes. If they are on something Normal (not an Elevated or above type call), like crowd control, or at a static duty station, you're welcome to clear the safety check one to three times. If your patrol unit is on any other type of call, you will use the radio to check their status. You can discontinue the status check for that call if the unit requests no more status checking, however I'd recommend simply clearing the safety check a few times and checking their status anyway (this would be approximately 30 minutes after they requested no more status checks).

If you get the safety check prompt, and you're at the point where you should be calling on the radio to make sure that they are ok, you should call for their status approximately every minute (or so depending on the type of call) until you get an answer.  If you don't get an answer after the 5th attempt, use the <CTRL><F12> while keying the radio to generate a long tone, without unkeying the radio, ask again for that unit's status.  If you still don't receive a reply, contact the Ambassador Supervisor, advise them of the unit not answering status checks, and follow their instructions. (Some field supervisors will call for you immediately and advise that they are on their way to check on the non-responsive.)


 from you "V27 your status?" .... multiple times, then TONE "V27 your status?" 
 you hear "S19"
 you reply "S19"
 you hear "S19, what was V27's last location?"
 you reply with the location
 you hear "S19 enroute"
 At this point, you'd assign S19 as a backing unit in the CAD.  Follow the rest of your normal procedures.