Safety Department Roles

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Safety Department

Department Leadership

Safety Manager

Assistant Safety Manager

Manager On-Duty

Safety Ambassador (Field Roles)

Safety Ambassador Shift Supervisor

Reports to: Safety Manager On-Duty
Badge Color Yellow
Role Type: On-site only
Endorsement Requirements (old): PTRL 3 and IC2 or above

The Ambassador Shift Supervisor is a floating title that is assigned to the supervisor that is responsible for all Ambassadors, regardless of role or assignment that are on-duty at the time. Is the primary point of contact for Norwescon management.

Safety Ambassador Supervisor

Safety Ambassador (Staff)

Safety Ambassador (Volunteer)

Safety Support (Staff/Volunteer)


Radio/Discord Supervisor

Radio Operator

Discord Operator

On-call Operator

Lead Operator


Office Supervisor

Office Staff

Executive Department Leadership

Convention Services Director

Dpty. Convention Services Director (2nd)

Special Advisor & Lead Advocate