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To return to the main Special Events page, click Airmeet Session Host List for Special Events. If you need just a quick reminder of what to do in hosting generally, go to Airmeet Session Host Checkoff List. You can also return to the main Norwescon 43 Help page.

  • Modern Age (RPG)
  • In Memoriam
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Drag Academy Workshop, Part 1
  • Concert Bloc

Modern Age (RPG)

  • This event will be run mostly likely a panel
  • The person running the game will share their screen. Make sure during the backstage time to go over with them how to share their screen.
  • There will be minimal audience interaction.
  • Monitor chat and Q&A.

In Memoriam

Opening Ceremonies

  • There will be a video montage at the beginning that you will need to play. While playing, hide all panelists from the stage.
  • After the video, the GoH's and moderator should remain visible on stage.
  • Exec Team members will likely be brought on stage during the event. This will be cued by the moderator. They should raise their hands, and you will then hand them the microphone.
  • Discuss with moderator during the backstage time who will monitor the Q&A.

Drag Academy Workshop, Part 1

  • This event will require frequent pinning of panelists. Especially during the presentation parts of the event, we want the focus to be on the speaker.
  • Depending on the number of sign-ups, you may be bringing people on and off stage frequently in the more interactive parts.
  • Discuss with moderator during backstage time if they want all participants on the stage at the end if possible due to numbers.

Concert Bloc

  • Concerts will be either a live feed of the performer or a pre-recorded video.
  • If time remains after the concert, there will be a Q&A. You may need to bring audience members on stage.
  • Aaron Shay: 2100
    • Live feed.
    • You will need to pin the performer while performing.
  • The Faithful Sidekicks: 2200
    • Pre-recorded video. You will need to play the video and hide all panelists while it is playing.
  • Sarah Donner: 2300
    • Live feed.
    • You will need to pin the performer while performing.