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Hi! I'm Michael Hanscom; my username is pronounced "DJ Woody".

My standard online bio: Enthusiastic ambivert. Geeky, liberal, friendly, curious, feminist; trying to be a good person. (he/him) 🖖🏻

My blog is Eclecticism, or you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. My website also has my full Norwescon volunteer history and is tracking two reading projects: an annual goal of reading all the Philip K. Dick nominees before the award ceremony, and an ongoing goal of read all the Hugo "Best Novel" award winning books.

Norwescon Involvement Summary

  • Member (non-volunteering): NWC29–30, 32
  • Lead Photographer: NWC33-41
  • Social Media Manager: NWC34-41, 43-present
  • Webmaster: NWC34-present
  • Safe Committee: NWC36
  • Secretary: NWC42-present