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This Wiki is a new project, begun in November of 2019, in order to create a centralized space for storing procedural documentation for all the various departments within the ConCom. Ideally, this will (eventually) have all "this is how we do it" documentation. Realistically, that goal may be a long way off.


There should be at least two people with full Administrator privileges. These users have full access to edit all areas of the Wiki, including the administrative aspects.


The Wiki is set up as a "closed" space: Though the content may be viewed by anyone, edit privileges are only given to registered users, and visitors may not register themselves, but user accounts must be created by an administrator. This is to ensure content is only created by active ConCom members and to prevent malicious editing (hopefully a very low-probability occurrence).

ConCom members who wish to make edits to the Wiki may request access by emailing Approval may be subject to affirmative confirmation by the member's Exec, and may be revoked at any time.


Full editing guidelines are in active development.


Each page should be categorized by the department it is documenting. Categorizing is done by adding the text [[Category: CategoryName]] as the final line of the page. For example, this page ends with [[Category: Secretary]]. The main Secretary page ends with the line [[Category: Exec Team]] [[Category: Secretary]], which adds it to both the Category: Exec Team and Category: Secretary categories. Over time, this will build a category tree for all the content within the wiki.

(If there's a better way to handle categorization/organization, suggestions are welcome. This is just our first stab at this.)