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Pinned notes

Should have a note about the Help desk team checking pinned Discord messages in #staff-helpdesk and #helpdesk-private for important tips.

Access Issues

Try first

  • Verify the link they are using
  • Verify that they are on a PC (if host/Speaker/Organizer)
  • Mobile Triage
    • iOS or Android?
    • Downloaded the Airmeet app?
    • IF iOS the member needs to log in to Airmeet using the login button in the upper right corner before pasting the event link. VERY IMPORTANT they use the same email address they registered for the convention with.

Other options

If people are having trouble getting into the Convention, and logging out completely does work, have them try using the below URL copy/paste into Chrome to access it. The full URL for the con is:

This Airmeet is Private

This error is commonly because the person was either NOT uploaded or NOT uploaded with correct information to Airmeet. If you have this issue, refer them to @reg to verify the email address that is in the system.
This Airmeet is Private.png


I.e. When logging into a mobile phone, you don’t need to sign anything. It should take you into the site.

Profile changes

Pros, panelist – Airmeet Tier 3 team will need to make this change. All others can be done using the instructions on the documentation in the wiki. FYI, a log out then back into the Con may be needed to see that the change has occurred.