How To Be an Airmeet Game Host

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Thanks for volunteering to be a Game Host!!!! This guide is meant to a brief guide. If you need more help go to the Norwescon Games Info Desk on Airmeet. You can return to the main Norwescon 43 Help page.


  • As a Game Host, we expect you to be polite and friendly with attendees who have joined your game.
  • We also expect that our games will be free from any behavior that violates our Code of Conduct If you think a joke or comment might be off-color, err on the side of caution and don't make it.

Starting Your Game

  • Go to the Norwescon Games--Scheduled Games Booth in the Airmeet. This is in the Arena tab.
  • Once in the booth, find your table and click "take a seat". If you need help identifying which is your table, go back to the main Arena area and click on the Norwescon Games Info Desk and Open Games booth.
  • Wait for players to arrive and join the table. Then, start the game.

Tools in Session

  • You can share your screen.
  • There also is a chat feature.


  • To get help while hosting a game, you have several options.
    1. If you are part of the staff Discord, post in the #games channel for help.
    2. Go to the People tab at the right-hand side of your screen and search for Games Info Desk. You can then message them for help.
    3. Leave your table and go back out to the main Arena and go to the Norwescon Games Info Desk