Security Staff Endorsements

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NOTE This information had been deprecated and is only currently used in a limited reference capacity when reading older policies and procedures


Patrol Endorsements

Endorsements Name Description
PTRL 0 Not Trained Not able to work without being assigned to Trainer
PTRL 1 Basic Volunteer Can work as an independent resource; back other staff on priority 2 and above details, but not primary; can be primary on priority 3 and 4.
PTRL 2 Basic Staff All above back other staff on details, and be a primary officer on minor in progress details (priority 2.5 and below).
PTRL 3 Experienced Staff All above, can be primary on most calls, can back on minor Officer Safety calls, but not primary.
PTRL 4 Key Staff Can respond to ALL calls regardless of type, can be primary on anything other then Major Officer Safety Calls
PTRL 5 Alpha Staff Can respond to ANY call of Any type

APPU Endorsements

Endorsements Name Description
APPU 0 Not Trained Cannot act as APPU resource
APPU 1 Support Only Can only act in support role
APPU 2 Basic Detail Can do simple low risk details as an independent resource or in a team
APPU 3 Lead Small Team Can Lead small team, or act as an independent resource on mid risk (large value run or minor VIP)
APPU 4 Lead Advanced Team Can Lead large team, and act as park of "Special" team in a key role - See APPU manual for details
APPU 5 Special Ops Qual. See APPU manual for details, Can do all above

First Aid/Medical Endorsements

Endorsements Description
FA 0 No training
FA 1 Basic First Aid
FA 2 Advanced First Aid
FA 3 First Responder
FA 4 EMT/Paramedic

Dispatch Endorsements

Endorsements Name Description
DISP 0 Not Trained Not able to work without being assigned to Trainer
DISP 1 Dispatch Trainee Has a basic understanding of dispatch operation of CAD, cannot work between 18:00 and 03:00
DISP 2 Dispatcher Has a working understanding of dispatch operations, and ALL common call types. Cannot be primary dispatcher between 18:00 and 03:00
DISP 3 Dispatch Trainer Understands ins and outs of the CAD, dispatch operations, and working knowledge of all call types.
DISP 4 Lead Dispatcher Has a leadership role, as well as emergency dispatch operations
DISP 5 Professional Dispatcher Has professional dispatching experience (LE or Fire/EMS), also has a working understanding of our dispatch operations and all call types

Incident Command Endorsements

Endorsements Name Description
IC 0 Not Trained Signal Resource only
IC 1 Small Incident/Detail Can oversee small scale resource (1-3 recourses), inter-op with Internal NWC and Hotel Sec
IC 2 Basic Incident/Detail Can oversee basic scale event, (1-7 recourses), inter-op with Internal NWC and Hotel, Limited First Responder and LE
IC 3 Large Incident/Detail Can oversee Large Scale (two or so levels, with 1-7 resources each)
IC 4 High Profile Incident/Detail Can oversee large/ limited complex scale, multiple sets of 1-7 resources each.
IC 5 Major Incident/Detail Can handle complex and large scale event, with multiple inter-op and Unified Command Situations.

Technical Endorsements

Endorsements Name Description
TECH 0 Not Trained Needs someone looking over his her shoulder during all tasks
TECH 1 Directed Tasks Can work independently on assigned basic tasks
TECH 2 Basic Tasks Has a limited working knowledge of our systems and their setup
TECH 3 Independent Tasks Understands our systems and their set up, little or no direction required
TECH 4 Basic Trouble Shooter Can do basic trouble shooting of our systems and their operations