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Thanks for volunteering to be an Airmeet Session Host!!!! This role will be largely hidden and behind the scenes, but we definitely see you and appreciate your contribution! This guide is meant to a brief guide. If you need more in-depth information, check out the Airmeet Session Host Guide. You can also return to the main Norwescon 43 Help page.

General Reminders

If you have misplaced the log-in for the Airmeet, do not try to go to the main Airmeet page to log-in. Instead, use this link to find the place to log-in.

  • Whenever possible try to open your HOST account in a 'incognito window'
  • You are the face of Norwescon to our Pros. Please provide them with a pleasant, professional experience.
  • Before you move from the Backstage Area and start the panel, don't forget to "hide" yourself by clicking on the eye button. Your goal is to be the silent manager of the event.
  • If you need a cheat sheet for what panel is coming up next during your shift, check guidebook, the panel descriptions on the website, OR ask in the #stage-management channel.
  • If you need to miss a shift, we understand. Life happens! Please let us know though either via Discord, email, or phone. Contact info below.

Host login


  • You will need to go to Discord #stage-management-private discussion to receive your Hosting login for your sessions 30 minutes before your shift is scheduled to start. (
  • Make sure that the prior Session Host has "checked" their host credentials back in. If you log-in before they've logged out, you will end up booting them. Remember, there can be only one.
  • Once you receive your login, you will need to log out of Airmeet as an attendee and login using the Host credentials.
  • Go to your Stage 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin and prepare to greet your panelists.
  • At the end of your Session Host shift, log-out of Airmeet with the host credentials.
  • Go back to the #stage-management-private channel and "check" your credentials back in.
  • Return to the convention with your personal credentials and enjoy!

Session Start

  • Go to the Backstage area for your session approximately 15 minutes prior to the sessions start time.
  • Greet panelists
  • Perform Tech Check
  • Discuss Co-Host option with Moderator as well as how to handle the Q&A feed
  • Start the Session by hiding yourself and then hitting the start button. (Remind the co-host that you will be in charge of doing this.)


  • Welcome to the BackStage area of your panel. I’m ________ and I will be your Session Host. I will operate the technical end of the panel and answer any questions you may have. Here in the BackStage area, we can have private conversations and work out any problems before I start your panel session.
  • ______ will be your Panel Moderator.
  • I will be watching but not visible in during the panel. I will monitor the session to make sure that any problems are handled quickly.

Tech check

  • Let’s make sure your setup is optimized for the best experience for our attendees. (Check their video and sound setups).


  • Discuss with the Moderator about Co-Host duties and determine their level of comfort with performing them during the panel. If they need assistance during the panel, support them so that they have confidence the panel will be successful.
  • A moderator will need to be a co-host if they want to operate the microphone and mark questions in the Q& as resolved instead of asking you to do so.
    • Remind the moderator of the Q&A feed so they can mention it to attendees.
    • Remind them that they can filter questions by upvote, all, or resolved.
  • If a moderator needs to be able to use Airmeet captions, they CANNOT be a co-host. Remember to ask them if that’s the case.
  • Remind moderator that you will start the session. They should not click the start button.

Someone's Missing?

  • If your Moderator does not show up by 5 minutes before the panel, ask another panelist if they are willing to act as the moderator and if they would like co-hosting responsibilities. Let Stage Management know about the switch on the Discord (#stage-management-private) after the panel begins.
  • If a panelist does not show up for a panel, also let us know on Discord after the panel begins.
  • If no panelists have checked-in, then at the designated start time, start the session.

During Session

  • When everyone is ready, hide yourself then start the session.
  • If no panelists had arrived and they are not pulled into the session by Airmeet, let the audience know that the session is cancelled.
  • If you need to run videos you will need your session code to find the videos, available from the NWC43 Host Session List.


  • Monitor the session, especially the Session Feed for inappropriate comments, delete as necessary.
  • If an attendee is being disruptive, you can block them. Blocking an attendee will prohibit them from interacting with the panel but they will still be able to watch. They will be blocked from all interaction until the block is undone so also REPORT that you’ve blocked them in the Discord in the #staff-help channel by @Helpdesk.
  • If you need help, go to #staff-help on the Discord and @Helpdesk. This will get you help.
  • If you have a Code of Conduct issue, do not include details in your initial message. Wait for the Helpdesk person to respond to you. They will direct message you for more information.
  • If a comment needs to be reported, please also flag that on the Discord in the #stage-management-private channel by @sm-help.
  • If the moderator is not going to mark questions in the Q&A as resolved, also monitor that and do so.

Hosting Readings

  • Check in with your panelist/reader while backstage. Ask them if they need a verbal or written warning about time.
    • If written, follow normal procedure of posting in chat.
    • If verbal, make sure that your camera is turned off in the video settings. Then, at the appropriate time, unhide yourself, wait for an opportune moment in the reading, and then gently interrupt.
  • Readings are normally 25 minute sessions. The session is broken down into the reading of about 15 minutes followed by questions.
  • At 20 minutes into the session, give the Reader a 5 minute warning.



  • At 5 minutes prior to the end of the panel, notify the panel of the impending end time by putting a comment in the Session Feed.
    • HEADS UP, this session will end in FIVE MINUTES
  • End your session on time! Don't cut anyone off mid-word but do interrupt if needed to end on time.
  • Once you have ended the session, take a break! Stretch! Get some water!
  • Start the process all over again 10 minutes before your next session begins and be backstage to greet panelists.


  • We will have both Stage Management staff and Tech staff online in the Discord chatroom should you need further guidance.
  • For technical Airmeet help go to the #staff-help channel and type @airmeet as part of your request.
  • For stage management help #stage-management-private channel and type @sm-help as part of your request.
  • Make sure in advance that you are registered and able to log in to Discord.

In case of Emergency, Bernie and Scot's phone numbers are available in your reminder emails and on Discord.