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This document is meant to be a Desk Guide. If you need just a quick reminder of what to do, go to Airmeet Session Host Checkoff List. You can also return to the main Norwescon 43 Help page.

General Reminders

If you have misplaced the log-in for the Airmeet, do not try to go to the main Airmeet page to log-in. Instead, use this link to find the place to log-in.

  • Log into Discord 30 minutes before your shift. You will need to go to Discord #stage-management-private to receive your Hosting login for your sessions, you received a link to the Discord server in your confirmation email. Once you receive your login and if you are currently in Airmeet, you will need to log out and login using the Host credentials.
  • Remember to check that the previous host has logged out before you attempt to log-in. There can be only one.
  • After logging in and before the session starts, invite the Moderator and Panelists to the stage. To find out who these people should be, find the panel description in Airmeet. You will then go to the people tab, mouse over their picture, click on the 3 dots, and invite them to the stage.
  • You can have up to 10 people on the stage at any time.
  • To bring audience members to the stage during the panel, you will need them to raise their hand and keep it raised while they are on stage.

Bringing to Stage

  • When you first bring the Panelists and Moderator to the stage, they will be brought into the Back stage area. All conversations there are private and are not shared with the Attendees (audience),
  • To invite people to the stage, click on their profile image.

NOTE: The next few screens are actual sessions. They are being used to show you, the Host how to invite Panelists to the stage.

  • You can see details about people by hovering over them.

To invite people to the stage, the Host or the co-Host will click on their profile image.

Session InviteSpeaker2Stage.png

You get a menu to invite them to the stage or block them.

Session InviteToStageOrBlockUser.png

After clicking invite to stage, the Host sees the message Awaiting a response.

Session AwaitingSpeakerResponse.png

  • This is what the speaker sees when they are invited to the stage.
  • They have to click the Accept Invite button to be brought up to the stage.

Session InvitedSpeakerView.png

The below image is what Panelists and the Moderator will see in the lower left corner of the screen when they are first brought into the session.

Notice YouAreAtTheBackstage.png

Making Someone a Co-Host

  • To make someone a co-host, hover over their name, click the 3 dots, and click on make co-host.
  • Once you have made someone a co-Host, they will get the following message.

Session Co-HostComfirmation.png

Pinning Speakers to Spotlight Them

  • To highlight a particular speaker, you can pin speakers to the stage. This works best with 4 our fewer pins.
  • Hover over a speaker to pin them to the session.
  • You will see the following image. Click on the pin icon.
  • The speaker will now be pinned.

Session PinSpeaker.png

Hiding Yourself (Hosts & Co-hosts only)

  • Just before the session starts, the Host will hide themselves.
  • Click the eye icon to do this.
  • When the prompt appears, confirm that you want to hide yourself.

Session HideYourself.png

Speaker and Host Views

As a Host and during a session, this is the view you have.

  • NOTE: Live tag to the bottom left of the screen and the Rec tag is in red, which means the session is being recorded.
  • On the ribbon above, note that you can Take a Break to pause the session. This puts everyone on stage into the Back stage if you or they need to speak privately.
  • On the same ribbon is the End session button. You will click this when the session is over. You will get a warning message if you truly want to end the session. Once ended, it can’t be restarted.

Session HostViewWhenHidden.png

  • As a speaker, this is the view you see before a session.

Session SpeakerView.png

  • Once you are invited to the stage and before the session starts, you will get the above message. Click the x in the corner to close it

Session BackstageModal.png

Screen Sharing

  • To start a screen share, hit the screen share button, which is this button. Menu UpArrowInRectangle-ShareScreen.png
  • Once you've done so, you'll see something like this:

Backstage ScreenSharingExample.png

  • To make the shared screen large, click the arrow box in the upper right corner of the shared screen. It looks like: Menu 4ArrowsPointingOut-ShowFullScreen.png
  • Your shared screen should now look like:

Session FullScreenScreenshare.png

The speakers can be minimized to see the whole shared image by clicking the underline in the upper left corner of the speaker video strip. Use Menu 2ArrowsPointingTogether-ExitFullscreen.png icon to exit the full screen mode. It’s in the upper right corner.

Session Start

  • The host will click the Start Session button in the upper ribbon.
  • Everyone gets a 10-second warning that it will be starting. The yellow task bar gives you a countdown to when it will start.

Session StartingCountdown.png

  • Continue waiting until you see confirmation that everyone is connected (no messages in bottom left of screen).

Session Live.png

Tools in Session

  • This is what the screen looks like when there is a video to be played during session. Note the video button on the far right in the feed boxes.

Session HostViewWhenHidden.png

  • This is a screen that shows what the Q&A feed looks like. Note the post a question at the bottom.
  • You can also see in this screenshot that when something new pops up in the other tabs, you will see a yellow dot.

Session Q&A.png

  • The Host can click on any message in Chat or question in Q&A to direct it somewhere else, Report it to Security to review it or Delete it.

Anyone can Report only Hosts and Moderators can do something with the report.

Session InteractingWithQuestions.png

  • This shows the report view.

Session ReportView.png

Moving People On and Off the Stage

  • Hosts can remove people from the stage. A message will pop up, as seen bellow in the top center, to indicate success.
  • Only the host can remove people from the stage

Backstage LeftTheStageModal.png

  • To remove from the stage, click on the person and then remove from stage. You will see the below.

Session RemoveAttendeeFromStage.png

Raised Hands and Bring People on Stage

  • Attendees can raise their hands and be invited to the stage by "handing mic".
  • Hosts can also reject their request.

Session RaisedHand.png

  • Once an attendee has been invited to the stage, they will need to turn on their camera and microphone when they arrive on stage.
  • The audience member will need to keep their hand raised in order to stay on the stage.
  • To send them back to the audience, the host will click remove from stage.

Ending Sessions

  • Sessions end 15 minutes before the hour. I.e. 2:45, not 3:00.
  • 5 minutes before the session ends, provide a warning in the chat.
  • HEADS UP, this session ends in 5 minutes
  • Do not cut people off mid-word but do interrupt if necessary to end the session on time.
  • Click End Session. A warning will pop up, confirm you want to end the session. You'll see the below.

Session EndSessionModal.png

  • Panelists and co-hosts will move backstage with you when the session ends.
  • Help them find the exit arrow in the top left.
  • Exit the session yourself and go to your next session.

Session AttendeeExitSessionArrow.png

After your shift, return to Discord and turn in your login so that the next Host can use them for their shift. You can then rejoin the Convention using the Norwescon weblink.