Airmeet Session Host List for Special Events

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In general, you will follow the same technical steps that are in the Airmeet Session Host Checkoff List, but there are a few additions for the Special Events. You can also return to the main Norwescon 43 Help page.

If you have misplaced the log-in for the Airmeet, do not try to go to the main Airmeet page to log-in. Instead, use this link to find the place to log-in.

For all Special Events, you will follow theses steps from the general session host list.

  • Host login
  • Tech check
  • Monitor
  • Ending

The differences for Special Events include:

  1. Co-host
  2. Playing Videos
  3. Moving people on and off stage


You will be designating the moderator for the event as a co-host. They will need to be able to pass the microphone. Remind them that you will be the one in charge of deleting comments and pressing start.

Playing Videos

Almost all of the Special Events rely heavily on pre-recorded content. You will be playing videos. Make sure to familiarize yourself with those tools.

Playing Video Steps

Moving People on and off stage

Many events will require you to move people on and off stage. Remind audience members at the beginning of the panel that to be brought on stage they will need to use the raise hand function and leave their hand raised while they remain on stage.


We will have both Stage Management and Tech staff online in the Discord chatroom should you need further guidance. For technical Airmeet help go to the #staff-help channel and type @airmeet as part of your request.

For stage management help, go to the #stage-management channel and type @sm-help as part of your request.

Specific Event Links

Link to the list of Events with Events Codes

Click on the links below to find specific guidance for each event.